hey there, I'm

Ariana Shea

…creative, artist, award winning graphic designer, writer, photographer, storyteller, content creator, consultant and marketer. 

You know that old saying, “never judge a book by it’s cover?”… While that may be true of books, let’s be real, while art is truly left to open interpretation, we are all thoroughly stopped in our tracks when we come across a brand, a product, or even a book, that is so well crafted, visually captivating and leaves you feeling awestruck at first glance. After all, we only get one shot at a first impression. 

In an oversaturated market, I believe there’s nothing more important than breaking the mold and interrupting the industry with your brand’s authenticity. Forget about “playing it safe” and staying within the realms of the rules; who made the rules to begin with?! 

With carefully crafted visual design, targeted messaging architecture and a brilliant focus on your “why”, I’ll help you stand out, shatter the mold, disrupt industry, resist convention, torch the rules and write your own. Together, we’ll bring life to your brand. Just enough to stop everyone in their tracks for a double-take.

Your brand is like no other; know it, believe it… let’s show it!